Welcome to your Ysella
Glamping Experience

Tips, to make your stay cosy & comfortable! 


Remove your shoes once inside to keep your home clean.


- Keep bugs out by zipping the screen door.


- If it’s raining, keep the water out by zipping up your tent.


- For ventilation & to reduce condensation, unzip the windows.


- In windy conditions: tighten guy ropes by sliding the tensioner up the rope until tight.


- Re-peg your tent if it has become loose. 


Please be aware of fire safety issues:

- Never use fuel-burning devices (e.g. BBQ’S, camping stoves, camping heaters, lanterns) inside your tent.  

- Flammable liquids & Liquefied Gas cylinders must be kept outside.

- Cooking appliances should never be used in tents.

- Never light a candle or have any other kind of flame

burning apparatus in or near your tent.   

- Cook outside & away from the tent.

- Don't smoke inside the tent.

- Have an escape plan.

Be carbon monoxide aware:

Never use fuel-burning devices (e.g. BBQ’s, camping stoves, camping heaters, lanterns, & grills) inside your tent. 

Fuel-burning equipment can include: camping stoves, camping heaters, lanterns, BBQ’s.
Your Camping Stove: Click here for a video instructions on how to turn on your stove & reload cartridge fuel. Don't place your stove near the tent. Cook outside the tent in a well-ventilated space. Keep gas cylinders and flammable liquids away from any flames.

If you have any questions regarding your tent please get in touch with us directly, please do not contact your campsite. Please respect campsite rules.







Please ensure you have departed by 10am on the day of departure.

Please ensure ALL kitchen equipment is cleaned before leaving.