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How many people fit in a 5 metre Bell Tent? Enough room to swing several cats.

Mega mansion, a cabana... enough room to swing several cats. 5 metre Bell Tents are amazing because they are SO spacious and roomy. Which makes them brilliantly versatile, and so can be used for both Glamping, a getting ready room, a chill-out tent, or even as spare garden room.

5 Metre Bell Tent interior with arm chair & double bed
5 Metre Bell Tent interior with arm chair & double bed

How much space is in a 5 metre Bell Tent?

We're always, always, ALWAYS asked how many people can sleep in a 5 metre tent. And the number of people that can fit in a 5 metre Bell Tent depends on a few factors, including the type of beds you use, how much camping equipment you have, and how much personal space you prefer. Or how Glampy you want to make it!?

We like to keep it to a maximum of 5 people per Bell Tent, and that can be configured with any of the options below:

- One double bed

- One double bed, one single bed

- One double bed, and two single beds

- One double bed, and three single beds

- Five single beds

- Four single beds

- Three single beds

- Two single beds

Four single beds Jay-be in a Bell Tent
Four single Jay-Be beds in a Bell Tent

How to maximise the space in your Bell Tent

A Bell Tent is characterised by it's circular shape, with a single central pole meaning the tent walls slope sightly inwards at the perimeter reducing the usable height.

As we furnish our luxury Bell Tents with traditional beds with mattresses, which are raised off the ground, it's not possible to use the full diameter of the Bell Tent. But if you want to maximise the space in your Bell Tent (to sleep 6 persons) you can do so by using air mattresses instead of traditional beds. Air mattresses are slightly smaller, and are lower to the ground. Unlike traditional beds these can be placed right to the edges of the tent (where the tent walls slope down) giving you more space.

Due to their limited comfort and negative environmental impact we do not furnish any of our Bell Tents with pvc airbeds. However, airbeds can be a cost effective solution to furnishing a Bell Tent for first time campers / campers on a budget. They are also brilliantly convenient if you are camping in a remote location and can't transport a full size bed. Our Glamping hire service means we transport the bed (and the Bell Tent) so you don't have to!

The advantages of traditional beds in a Bell Tent

- Comfort: A real bed is simply much more comfortable to sleep on than on an air mattress on the floor. You can also use real bedding and linens on it, rather than slippery plastic sleeping bags.

- Support: A real bed with provide better support for your body, which will help you get a good nights rest.

- Additional storage space: With clearance underneath it's possible to put your luggage and your camping gear in bags and boxes under the bed. Making room for a table and chairs.

- Better for the environment - A huge part of the removal of airbeds from our stock was we simply couldn’t justify the amount of plastic we were sending to landfill from punctured airbeds

- It's just more Glampy! Real beds look more grand and appropriately sized under canvas. An airbed thrown on the floor just doesn't have the same appeal. Also, the sheets / bedding aren't such a good fit on an airbed, and you can feel cold when sleeping on the floor.

Ysella Bell Tent double bed with Fern Leaf Rattan Headboard
Ysella Bell Tent double bed with Fern Leaf Rattan Headboard

Here is a sample layout for a 5 metre Bell Tent that can sleep 5 people comfortably:

- In the center of the Bell Tent, place a double bed.

- On either side of the double bed, place two single beds.

- At the foot of one single bed place another single bed.

If you are glamping with just two people, you could use a larger bed, such as king size bed, and add a headboard for maximum luxury. Or if you are camping with a messy space hog then we FULLY recommend a Bell Tent with only 4 persons. This will give you more floor space at the front entrance of the Bell Tent, and make everyone much more comfortable.

No matter how you choose to arrange your 5 metre Bell Tent, you are sure to have a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience. They really are ideal for groups and families.

If you thinking of hiring a Bell Tent with Ysella to experience Glamping for yourself, the handy diagram below will give you an idea of how our Bell Tents can be configured for different groups, or family glamping.

illustration of sleeping configurations possible in a 5 metre Bell Tent
Example of the many sleeping configurations possible in a 5 metre Bell Tent

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