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Family camping advice for a stress-free enjoyable holiday under canvas

Family camping doesn’t have to be daunting. With the right mindset, equipment, and a few tips, and tricks of the trade, camping with loved ones can be a stress-free enjoyable experience. Check out our family camping tips and tricks to help your outdoor adventures go smoothly…

Easy Camping Meals - think easy to prepare, simple meals cooked on one piece of equipment, such as a gas hob, BBQ or campfire. One-pot-meals, such as Chilli or Pasta are simple satisfying crowd pleasers. Don't forget to pack your condiments and seasonings, these will make your camp meals taste extra delicious!

Most of our recommended campsites host visiting food trucks selling a variety of take-away foods, so you can have a few nights free of cooking. Choosing to opt out of cooking entirely also takes planning, but Cornwall boasts some amazing eateries to make the choice easy for you.

For the day time a soft Insulated Cool bag can useful to pack. These are easily portable for lightweight trips to the beach. Toss in ice packs and you're all set for a day of exploring.

If you need some help keeping kids fuelled for the day we can deliver you a fresh food hamper. Or our Meal Boxes are specifically designed to be easily cooked outdoors with our rental equipment. All of our camping food options can be added from our hire store. They say food tastes better when you are camping – and it truly does!

camping plates, enamel camping plates for camping with kids
camping gear and cooking equipment

Bring Games

Pack some family-friendly board games and pack of cards for rainy times. Lawn games are great for when it’s sunny and you can involve other families staying in tents around you!


Try to unplug and take in the outdoors as much as possible. If it proves too hard to resist the temptation of phones and devices we offer portable charging. Our power packs are available to hire for just a few quid a day.

Campfires, fire pits, fire bowls

A campfire is a great way to socialise and enjoy each other's company as a family. Something about the flickering flames, the warm glow, and the sound of the crackling wood are all very calming. They are also a great way to cook food and involved children. Kids just love the classic camping treat S'mores. They're easy to make and only require a few simple ingredients: biscuits, chocolate, and marshmallows. Kernow Chocolate - Milk Chocolate Spoon's are perfect for around the campfire too. Simply stir into hot milk to create the perfect Hot Chocolate, add marshmallows and cream for the ultimate indulgence before bedtime! Find out about our campfire friendly campsites

Spend evenings warming up by the flames of a campfire
Get your marshmallows ready... enjoy an evening campfire

Packing list for family camping

Our packing list isn't exhaustive but features some of the main essentials that will make your experience comfortable and easier.

camping with kids in a bell tent
family camping tips - camping with kids

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